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AdCal has been making nutritional support patches for over 15 years.

• Customer focused and nimble – we produce over 1MM patches per week.

• On-site Chemists to assist in product development, design and formulation.

• cGMP compliant and GRAS sourced ingredients.

• Automated processes with variable product size and delivery capabilities.

Why Patches?

• Ease of use; not complicated or intimidating

• Controlled release, not erratic

• Pre-dosed

• Professional, medical format - similar to Nicotine and Lidocaine patches

• Absorbs directly into the skin and avoids “First Pass Effect” by not utilizing GI tract

• No transfer loss (creams/lotions rubbing off)

• Value add and differentiator to existing portfolio

Customers choose us because:

• Operational Excellence, Patch Expertise and Quality

• Years of vitamins & nutritional support patches

• Ingredient traceability

• Multiple volume tiers and pricing

• Independent lab testing as needed including CBD cannabinoid levels

• Time to market

• Understanding, supporting and executing your idea from conception to market release is our specialty!

• We understand the complexities of working with adhesives

• We have the experience and equipment to optimize and reduce production time

• Competitive advantage

• Low cost/minimal risk custom samples turned provided in weeks, not months

• Low minimum orders & pricing on tiered quantities up front so that you can plan your COGS as you grow

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